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Lynn Brown, EdD, LPC, CHt, CMH

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I offer individual and relational counseling, clinical and medical hypnotherapy services, as well as counseling for those dealing with life-threatening or terminal illness.
All services are available to clients in my home in Lansing, Michigan or in your home locally. 
Individual counseling services via online/live chat, email, and telephone for clients anywhere in the world are also available.   For details, please visit:
Our first contact, lasting 10 minutes or so is free. At that time we will discuss what is concerning you, you'll determine if you want to work together and we will schedule your first session.
The fee for counseling and hypnotherapy  services is
$90 for 50 minutes.
I accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as well as Paypal.
I am on the panels of the following insurance providers:
Managed Health Networks (MHN)
Value Options
McLaren Medicaid

If your insurance provider is listeed, your counseling may be covered by insurance.


  Face to Face Counseling

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with individuals and couples, assisting them in working through issues that are acting as barriers in life.

My theoretical orientation is cognitive and my approach is humanistic insofar as I respect each person's spiritual perspective and unique quest for meaning and purpose in life.

As a counselor and hypnotherapist, I would like to help you find solutions to the issues that are keeping you from being all you can be.

Counseling is an excellent helping modality for acquiring new, effective life coping skills and enhancing your relationship with yourself as well as with others.


Telephone Counseling
As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with clients in my office.  However, to meet the needs of adults who desire more flexibility and privacy, I regularly provide telephone counseling services.
 Phone counseling is convenient and is even more confidential than when meeting in an office.  By using phone counseling services, you are able to schedule an appointment at a time that suits you, you choose where you are during the session and it doesn't matter where you are in the United States.
Telephone counseling provides the uiltimate in privacy.
Generally you will call me.  However, if you prefer, I am able to call you at the time of your appontment so there is no telephone charge unless I call your cell phone (since I use Verizon, if you have a Verizon account, the phone call will not use any of your account minutes).
Payment for telephone therapy services is made in advance. 
I use both solution-focused and cognitive therapy approaches and work with adults.  In addition to being licensed by the State of Michigan in counseling, I have an earned doctorate in sociology of the family and am a trained educator.  My varied education as well as my many years of experience allow me to provide efficient, professional telephone counseling services to my clients.

Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy

1. helps patients prepare for surgery and medical procedures by aiding in reducing (and perhaps eliminating) anxiety, easing discomfort and providing suggestions that can facilitate healing.

2. helps patients who are dealing with chronic pain learn to control responses to pain and reduce the level of perceived pain.

3. helps in understanding the root causes of illnesses that stem from traumatic events, emotions and beliefs. Hypnotherapy can assist in understanding inexplicable illnesses for which the patient can find no conscious reasons by determining the metaphorical basis and altering the causal perceptions.

4. is regularly used to resolve and heal old traumatic incidents. Hypnotherapy allows the remembrance of repressed memories and therefore the opportunity to change history, develop new abilities to deal with traumas and to resolve and express emotions that have been buried for years.

5.  assists in smoking cessation.


With a physician referral (or knowledge), hypnotherapy is a useful complementary therapy when dealing with:

1. allergies

2. anesthesia

3. anxiety disorders

4. asthma

5. burns

6. childbirth

7. diabetes

8. hypertension

9. insomnia

10. migraine

11. nausea

12. neurotic disorders

13. obsessive-compulsive disorder

14. phobias

15. postoperative care

16. preoperative care

17. sex disorders

18. stress disorders

19. stroke

20. as well as other medical concerns


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